Works in Progress


Poetry :


I write loads of poems, some far better than others! The rhythm of poetry really gets into my bones. I always have at least one poem 'on the go'.


It's difficult to include examples on the website, because they could then be deemed as being published, which would stop me entering them in to competitions - should I ever organise myself well enough.




Picture Books :


My first non-rhyming picture book, Bears Don't Eat Egg Sandwiches, has just been released.


I am working on various other picture book texts currently zipping around in my head.


There's one about Mortimer Jones, a dog who just loves to chew bones - until his prize possession is pinched.


There's another about Daisy the Dragon, though I think that may stay in the slush pile - apparently dragons are old hat now!


Then there's the monster who came to school, the nosiest dog in the world, a problem elephant, an itchy witch, a troublesome Dad.......


Maybe I might get them all finished one day.




Books For Older Children :


I'm mulling over a series of non-fiction books for middle grade readers.


I'm also busy editing a novel for children aged 8 plus. It is set in the summer of 1944 and tells the story of 13-year-old evacuee Susan Turner, who becomes involved in a series of adventures with her brothers when they end up on the canals with a so-called Idle Woman. One day I may get it finished.





Picture of me by a lock on the South Oxford Canal. Researching for my 8 plus novel is a good excuse for a holiday!
On the canals. 'I'm doing research' is an excellent excuse for a holiday!