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'It's just like browsing the best bookstore in the world.'


Dame Julie Andrews reads Bears Don't Eat Egg Sandwiches


I couldn't quite believe it when I found out that Dame Julie Andrews - yes, THE Julie Andrews - was going to read my book Bears Don't Eat Egg Sandwiches on her new children's podcast show Julie's Library.


You can listen in here.


I think she makes quite a good hungry bear - what do you think?

Out May 28th 2020!



John Logie Baird was a fascinating man. Hilarious and a genius in equal measure! Find out all about his exploits when my new picture book launches in May.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators' Summer Reading List


What a lovely surprise I had this morning - Bossy Jonathan Fossy has been chosen as one of the picture books to be included on SCBWI's first ever official Summer Reading List, which will be made available to libraries, bookstores, parents, caregivers and readers worldwide!


He is chuffed!










Daniel O'Dowd gains an award!

Daniel has had some great feedback from the lovely mums and their children at BizzieBaby.


They only went and awarded him a Bronze Award!


'As soon as he saw it (my son) wanted me to read it to him.'


'Really enjoyable, rhyming story.'


'Brilliantly illustrated.'


'Eye-catching book.'



New fans of Miss Dorothy-Jane

Today I received some lovely photos of two new fans of Miss Dorothy-Jane...


And a lovely quote accompanied the photos - 


ALERT--"Miss Dorothy Jane was ever so vain" may have a paradoxical effect on very young children- the message for my two was that one must immediately don hats and have a handbag slung over one's wrist whilst flapping said wrist in a silly and completely pretentious manner......a great read.


Best feed back ever!


Apparently Dad was late to work because of the Miss Dorothy-Jane drama. Oops... I'm really sorry!


Thank you so much for sending me the comments and pictures. They're wonderful.



People's Book Prize awards ceremony 2014

Last week I ventured in to London for an evening at Stationer's Hall where the awards ceremony for The People's Book Prize was being held. What a beautiful place. 

We were asked to arrive in plenty of time so that photos could be taken and interviews conducted. I did well with all questions but one - when asked to say what my book was about my brain seized up!

Whilst waiting to go in for dinner I met and chatted with lots of lovely people, all passionate about books and reading.

Myself, Christina Gabbitas and Carol E Wyer.
Myself, Christina Gabbitas and Carol E Wyer.

Christina Gabbitas is the author of children's book series 'Felicity Fly' and is also a publisher. She gave me several tips on marketing! I loved her books, especially the Book of Children's Poems, which was an initiative of hers to inspire the nation's children to write their own poems with the chance to see their work in print. It's hoped that this will encourage all primary age children to read and write.


Carol E Wyer is a writer whose book, 'How Not To Murder Your Grumpy', was a finalist in the non-fiction section of the awards. Another enthusiastic and supportive author - with a great sense of humour!


Everyone was so friendly. Then came the announcement of the winners.


I didn't win.....but would like to thank all of you who voted for Tabitha Posy. I really do appreciate it. The competition was fierce. The winner in the children's section had sold 40,000 copies of his book. Some of us can only dream of that. Mind you, with the title 'I Think I Murdered Miss', Billy Bob Buttons was always on to a winner. I want a copy!


Chatting about The People's Book Prize with Kate Justice on BBC Hereford & Worcester.
H&W The People's Book Prize.mp3
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Look what arrived from Poland!

An amazing gift arrived from my fantastic illustrator Jona Jung last week. She's only gone and sent me six original drawings - two from each Ever So book to date - for me to take in to schools when I visit. Along with a couple of copies of early sketches and my first scribblings, it means the children can see part of the process that goes in to producing a completed story. Huge thanks, Jona!

Just to give an idea of scale. I was really excited - just trying to rein it in here!
Just to give an idea of scale. I was really excited - just trying to rein it in here!

Bewdley Book Week, reading for pleasure, Booktrust and all things Ever So with Tammy Gooding on BBC Hereford & Worcester.

Apologies for scary eyes. Me and cameras don't often mix.
Apologies for scary eyes. Me and cameras don't often mix.

Tammy kindly had me on her show today to chat about Bewdley Book Week and my part in it.


If you'd like to find out more about the Book Week please visit -


As always I managed to include the great work Booktrust do to get children (and adults) reading for pleasure -


We even managed to cover what's happening in the Ever So series....and then there was the small matter of 'The Day Tammy Gooding Ate Far Too Much Pudding'.


Have a listen to hear all about it!



Chatting about Bewdley Book Week & Booktrust
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More chat - introducing Miss Dorothy-Jane & 'The Day Tammy Gooding Ate Far To Much Pudding'.
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Mrs MacCready is spotted in Wales!

Mrs MacCready was spotted in Cardiff today, supporting the staff at Soho Coffee Co stores around the country who are raising money for the leukaemia charity LINC.





This is what makes it all worthwhile!

This lovely letter was passed on to me today. It's great to hear about young children enjoying books and stories - hopefully a love that will continue on into their adulthood.

                                      Thank you Isabella - and her Mum!





Thank you to one fan who sent me this photo - it's great to know who's reading and enjoying my stories.

I'd love to hear from more of you.

A happy reader.
A happy reader.