Activity 1


Mister TV tells the story of inventor John Logie Baird. He didn't just invent the first mechanical television that showed live moving images. Oh no! He came up with all sorts of other inventions too.


(Read the book to find out what disastrous ideas he had as well as all the brilliant ones!)


So what would you invent?


Perhaps it might be a special sort of toothbrush like this one.


Or maybe something to keep the streets tidy like this.


These are both ideas which people thought up and were actually made into the real thing!


There have been some crazy ideas too!


Can you design your own invention?



What does it do?


                       What does it look like?


                                              What does it sound like?


        Does it make something?


How does it work?


                                        Does it help people?


                      What do you call it?


Make up some words to describe it.



If you're stuck for ideas try this - 


Over the next few days pay attention to what frustrates you, what annoys you.

Notice when you think :

Someone should figure out a better way to.....

Why can't they make a better.....?

Keep a list of these situations and objects.


Choose one of your listed problems to solve or inventions to create or items to improve. For example - 

How can I stop water splashing over the floor when my dog drinks from its bowl?

How can I make a pencil that sharpens itself?


Sketch your design, name it, maybe even try making it!


I'd love to see what inventions you come up with - feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

Activity 2


Making it up!

If you like playing with words (just like me) then this is the activity for you!



scrumdiddlyumptious frobscottle  


     mimsy brillig frabjous tulgey slugabed bodikins  bedazzle  jabber chortle  flummox  boredom


                  runcible twitter


These are all words that have been made up by writers - Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and Roald Dahl amongst them.


There's a brilliant poem called 'The Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll. Try looking it up and reading it. (You can listen to it here.) Loads of the words are made up but the poem still makes sense.


It's all about a boy who has to track down a scary monster called the Jabberwock.


Could you draw your own scary monster?


Might it look a bit like one of these?



What does your creature look like?


          What does it sound like?


                     What does it smell like?


                    What does it feel like to touch?


       What can it do?


                     What is its name?


Draw your very own scary (or not so scary) monster. Make up a name for it and tell me all about it. You can make up words to describe how it moves and how it sounds; what it smells like and what it feels like.


You might even write your own poem all about your monster!


Don't forget to let me know all about it.


Activity 3


Make your own tv!


Here is an excellent way to make your own television.



Make sure you have an adult ready to help with the cutting!

(Notice how you need to draw your story from right to left!)


What will your story be?


Will it be all about the life of John Logie Baird?



Or you could make the basic shoebox tv but leave out the straws and story tape. Instead you could create a scene to put in the box and make the outside of the box look like a tv! It might look something like this - 

You can paint your background inside the box, then add figures or make some cut out cardboard ones to create your scene.


This one is full of dinosaurs, but you could put John Logie Baird inside your tv!


Will it show him inventing the first tv in his workshop?


Or will you choose to display one of his other, less successful, inventions?