The bear in this story is very hungry, but he doesn't want to eat the egg sandwiches Jack offers him.

What sandwiches would you make for a bear if one came to visit you?

Can you draw them?



When Jack finds out the bear wants to eat him he tries to put him off by saying he'll taste of frogspawn and grass stains and snot; dirty socks and bits of string and mud!

What would you tell a bear you taste of in order to stop it eating you?(Make a list to keep handy, just in case you ever need one!)




How do you think the bear feels at the end of the story?

What do you think it's going to do next? 




At the end of the story another animal comes to Jack's door. Can you see what it is? (Look carefully at the last page).

What do you think this animal wants?

Is it hungry too?

What will it ask for and what will Jack do this time?


I'd love to hear the story you make up all about Jack's new visitor!