About me

I was born in Buckinghamshire, longer ago than I care to admit, and went to a brilliant little primary school. The teachers read us fantastic stories and encouraged us to write our own. It was here that my reading and writing really took off.


In 1974 I was lucky enough to have a poem chosen by Brian Patten for inclusion in a small anthology of children's poems for the Little Missenden Festival. It was called 'I Like...' and I got to read it out at a big presentation and meet the famous Mr Patten himself.


I have had a love of poetry ever since and still tinker with the odd ode to this day, recently gaining an honourable mention in a national poetry competition. I also had a poem selected for an Oxfam fund raising book. 'Dyce, Scotland 1916' was based on my grandfather's experiences as a conscientious objector during the First World War.


In my last year at primary school I wrote the Class Christmas Play - I have to admit it was more than loosely based on the then popular film 'One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing'! It involved spies, lost secret formulae and adventurous children. Alas, no dinosaurs.


Secondary education rather doused my creative side, with its concentration on exams and set texts. However, I did discover 'Jane Eyre' whilst working for my O level English - I still adore it.


Music (which has always been a big part of my life - I played piano and oboe at school), took over as I got older and I gained a music degree from London University, went on to get my PGCE and finished up teaching in a middle school in High Wycombe.


At this point I feel I should own up to spending a lot of class time reading to the children. We discovered the author Dianna Wynne Jones and really couldn't put her books down. I just hope I passed on my love of books to all the pupils.

From here I progressed to being Head of Music in two schools in North Devon, before relocating to Worcestershire where I now live.


As you can see, I have spent most of my life either as a child or being around them all the time. I don't think I have ever really grown up!


I currently teach piano, woodwind, voice and music theory privately.



With more free time, once I started working for myself, writing reappeared in my life and I started scribbling again.


I attend a weekly tutor-led class. This provides much needed support and encouragement - writing can be a very lonely business.


I am also a member of the British SCBWI (Scooby), which has to be the best thing I have done in my writing career to date - such a source of help, advice and opportunities. Anyone interested in writing or illustrating for children should take a look at their site and seriously think about becoming a member - www.britishscbwi.org




All of this takes up a lot of my time, but there are other things I like doing.....


I love singing and have formed a vocal quartet with three friends. Rehearsals often contain more laughter than is strictly necessary.


I go to ballroom and latin dance classes with my husband - we seem to be improving bit by bit. It's a very good workout for the brain as well as the body and never fails to have me in fits of giggles!


I support Liverpool Football Club - painful at times.


I enjoy growing my own veg in the garden and on our allotment.

I am a huge Squeeze fan and go to their gigs whenever I can. I was beyond words when lead singer Glenn Tilbrook informed me that his youngest child loves Miss Dorothy-Jane!






I love Doctor Who. Matt Smith ran Jon Pertwee (my all-time favourite) a close second. Never thought I'd say that.





I tend to see Tardii (is that the correct plural?) and Daleks everywhere.......


I love being on a special beach in the Westcountry....have done since I was tiny.

With two great friends I first met on this very beach one typically English summer. We will be meeting up down there again this year. Here's hoping for better weather!
With two great friends I first met on this very beach one typically English summer. We will be meeting up down there again this year. Here's hoping for better weather!